Alta Fine Art

Acquire exquisite one-of-a-kind antiques, jewelry, and paintings

Knowledge, covering every period from the Renaissance to modernism

You may already have an impressive portfolio of desirable, fine art, or are seriously considering venturing into this highly lucrative market.

Our portfolio managers and brokers are here to make sure you receive the best advice available and can swiftly help you to take care of any acquisitions, sales or restorations you may be planning.

Our art experts have great insight into new and upcoming artists, enabling you to gain returns that are rarely seen in any other investment market.

We guarantee your anonymity as well as considering your main financial objectives. You can be assured that all transactions are treated in the strictest confidence.

An investment that gives immense pleasure and can yield the highest returns

Few investment opportunities can provide such pleasure outside of the obvious financial gain. You will not only receive advice on what art to buy and sell, our experts will guarantee you have a personal insight and enable you to become an expert in your own right.

We even have wealth managers on hand to ensure your investments are tax efficient and protected. You’ll be introduced to specialists who’ll make sure your portfolio is fully insured by a policy designed specifically for this type of investment.

Although this can be a highly lucrative pursuit, it takes a sharp eye and many years’ experience to execute trades successfully. We work to a strict protocol that offers a high level of validation to the authenticity and condition of any given piece.

A selection of the world’s most respected experts are here to advise private and corporate investors.