Alta Properties

A unique property service - All the best contacts in just the right places for your new home

Luxury property anywhere in the world

It requires an advanced level of expertise and an established portfolio of contacts to draw the full benefit out of the luxury property market.

Our private network of global buyers, sellers and property professionals, means you gain access to an exclusive range of properties and finance opportunities rarely seen by anyone else.

Perhaps you are considering a sea-view residence on the French Riviera or a Tuscan Villa complete with its own vineyard. Whatever your wish, we’ll have access to a broad selection of suitable properties which can be presented to you within a minimal timeframe.

Selling your property? You’ll be connected only with people looking to buy a home just like yours. No time-wasting or complex chains. We’ll see to it that your involvement is minimal while achieving the best price.

Dreaming of owning your own hotel or luxury resort?

If you’ve ever thought about buying a commercial property, development or readymade turnkey enterprise, speaking to one of our commercial property consultants would be a smart move.

The whole process, from finding the location, deciding the business model and taking care of due diligence to finance and legal representation are all housed under one roof. You’ll always be presented with the widest range of options and you’ll gain direct access to some of the world’s leading professionals.

Ideas of any scale can be brought to fruition. A relaxed bar/restaurant on a Caribbean island or a large retail development in Kuala Lumpur, our project managers are ready to work for you anywhere in the world to make it happen.

Our expertise ensures your success.