Alta Home Management

Gain access to exclusive home-related knowledge and expertise. Let us help you preserve, protect and maintain your sanctuary.

Save time whilst we take care of your most important asset

The stress of running a busy home can often feel like you’re caught up in a plate spinning act.

We can easily lighten the burden or eradicate it completely with a concierge specialised in home management.

You may just require services as simple as mail forwarding, landscaping, good housekeeping and maintenance. We’ll appoint a team to lighten the load and tune in to the natural flow of your household.

Planning a move or relocation to your new house? We can provide help covering everything from phone and new address registration, take care of the logistics for the move to find and register your children in the best schools.

Providing peace of mind, security and added luxury

A home management plan offers additional peace of mind by taking care of the ongoing monitoring of your home’s security, insurance needs and property maintenance requirements.

Partnerships with the finest tradesmen and maintenance professionals provide outstanding craftsmanship and rapid service. Emergency situations can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

If you leave your home unattended on a regular basis, we offer ‘absentee residential care’, meaning that an individual of exceptional character will take up residence in your home while you’re away, ensuring it’s protected and cared for until you arrive home.

Let’s not forget the luxury element. We have great relationships with even greater - 5 star gourmet chefs. They are ready to come to your home any time you like, to cook whichever style of delicious cuisine you require. All you have to do is ask.

If it’s related to your home, Alta Home Management has it covered.