Alta Medical and Wellness

World’s leading expertise in a wide range of medical treatment at your entire disposal


Revitalization treatments aim at enhancing your physical health, in particular your immune system. It primarily focuses on the concept of cellular therapy or treatment for the revitalization of the human body. Alta Services will select the most innovative and advanced treatment programs in the best health facilities according to the client’s medical needs.


Alta Services offers its clients a unique and original medical program aimed at enhancing life expectancy potential. Based on a philosophy that assists clients in building a foundation of physical and mental wellbeing, the performance program will enhance clients’ potential to live longer, enable them to enjoy their lives and perform to their full potential.


Switzerland is well known for its high standards of medicine and experience in aesthetic and plastic surgery. Alta Services will introduce the best 'Swiss Made' reconstruction and aesthetic plastic surgeons to its clients according to their specific requirements. Examples include the liposuction, breast enhancement, eyelid surgery and collagen injection.


Alta Services will find the best private hospitals, top specialists, and the most experienced cardiovascular surgeons in Switzerland who operate patients with meticulous care by robot and thoracoscopy without opening the thorax. With Alta services, efficiency, discreetness and reliability of the Swiss medical profession are guaranteed.


Switzerland is renowned worldwide for its specialization in medical check-ups. Medical check-up centers in Switzerland are among the best in the world. Alta Services ensures utmost professionalism in the selection of doctors and medical facilities for its clients.


Switzerland is also renowned for its diversity and profound know-how in the field of psychology. Clients will have exclusive access to expert psychological treatment to help manage, alleviate or eradicate psychopathologies and undesirable behaviors. In addition to psychotherapy, our highly experienced professionals also offer therapeutic hypnosis. Treatments best suited to your condition and needs, be it psychiatric or psychotherapeutic will be selected.


In the spectrum of aesthetics, Alta Services ensures clients the most specialized and proficient doctors and treatments. Combined with advanced medical check-ups, Alta Services offers refined treatments in prevention of facial aging and reduction of fatty tissue in a selective and non-invasive manner with the top in the field.

With Alta services, efficiency, discreetness and reliability of the Swiss medical profession are guaranteed.