Alta Relocation

Relocation from A to Z - Relocate your family stress-free

HOUSE HUNTING SERVICES (Renting and purchasing)

Well acquainted with the international market of properties, Alta services effectively provides professional advice on properties.

The company will help search and select the best properties according to the clients needs.

Once the property has been obtained, Alta Architecture and Alta Decor will accomplish our clients’ goals for every taste and style.


The school systems in Switzerland and the UK offer excellent facilities and educational opportunities for students from across the globe.

Alta Services will locate the most remarkable schools in Switzerland with the highest teaching standards and a conducive to learning environment for their children’s enrolment.


Alta Services assists the house-moving from wherever in the world into Switzerland

The company helps clients with their home facilities, such as electricity, telephone services, television and Internet, establishing insurance, moving delivery, in-going inspection etc.


Alta Services offers personalized management of your residences and vacation properties.

The company provides interior and exterior property management services, from home security, insurance to housekeeping and absentee residential care, from finding you gourmet chef to the maintenance your gardens.


Alta Services accompanies and carries out shopping and purchases of household items on behalf of clients.

Each client has distinct needs - Alta Services will provide you with a flexible and adaptable relocation solution built around your every need and exact requirements.