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Soar through the skies in total comfort and security

Private jet chartering & fractional ownership

If you are a frequent flyer it’s worth considering the options private jet chartering or ownership can offer.

You decide when you want to travel and whom you travel with and you can avoid the usual hassle associated with boarding procedures.

Naturally your budget and circumstances dictate the level of service you require, but regardless of what you decide is right for you, you’ll always travel in style, comfort and, above all, luxury.

Your security is of paramount importance and your appointed concierge is available at the shortest notice to arrange this versatile method of transport whenever you need it.

Fractional ownership allows you to gain all the benefits of private jet ownership, but without the associated costs.

Private jet design, construction & insurance

Perhaps you are considering actually purchasing a private jet outright. It’s a great move loaded with benefits, not to mention prestige, but where do you start?

Our specialists can walk you through the aspects that need consideration and also arrange the financing and engagement of the right manufacturer.

We can take care of every step needed in managing and insuring your new acquisition. The whole point of ownership is to make life easier, not to create additional burdens, and as such your dedicated concierge will always be up to speed with what needs to be done.

If you already own a private jet and are looking to sell or upgrade, we can broker a deal with the right buyers and get you the best possible price.

Every possible option. Every possible solution.