Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony

Ever since its creation, the Cannes Film Festival has dedicated itself to raising the profile of films with the aim of contributing towards the development of cinema and boosting the film industry worldwide. Remaining faithful to its founding purpose and continually celebrating cinema at the international level, the Cannes Film Festival is one of the world’s most glamorous and exclusive events.

Its Opening Ceremony is a ritual which boasts countless stars and celebrities from across the globe. Access to the mythical Red Carpet staircase, is a rite of passage, a rite of authentication and legitimization.

Famous for its various luxury shops, restaurants and hotels, and breathtaking views on the marina, Cannes, which hosts this event annually, becomes a place of dreams and illusion celebrating the cult of the cinematic image and an area of predilection for the appearances of stars. This Riviera town has a glitz and glamour rivaled by few places on earth especially during the Cannes Film Festival.

Embrace your passion for cinema and the world of luxury lifestyle and join us in an unforgettable Red Carpet venture.

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